Monday, February 13, 2012

Our February Class Project

We made this notepad/case project at the February Stamp Class on Saturday. It is a very simple project to do and leaves your with a product you can easily use. I hate when my notepad paper has curled up on the edges or tears while in my purse. And I am one of those who needs paper often for notes. By making myself one of these, I no longer have problems with my paper curling. It is safe inside my case.

Photo # 1 gives you a close up of the entire insert. If you are like me, I like to see a visual, as well as have written directions. Photo # 2 shows the inside of the clear stamp case. I placed a calendar on the left side of the case. I order my calendars from  On the right side is a notepad. I simply went over to Office Depot and grabbed 2 packages of 5" x 8" notebooks. My local store sells 12 pads in a package for about $ 6.50. Then I went to their customer service department and had them cut the pads into 7" lengths to fit inside the clear stamp cases. That was another $ 1.50 for the 24 pads I purchased. Finally, Photo # 3 shows the two different color choices that were given for the class. I cut out 12 of each color choice (Soft Suede or Lucky Limeade). I had 6 of each color choice for the morning class and then 6 of each color choice for the afternoon class. Let me share the recipe with you! They make wonderful gifts -- remember that secretaries day will be here later this spring. Or maybe a special thank you for a friend?


  • # 101650    Very Vanilla Cardstock
  • # 126154    Everyday Enchantment Designer Series Paper (SAB item!)
  • # 122384    Lucky Limeade striped paper from the 2011-2013 Paper Stacks
  • # 117157    Soft Suede striped paper from the Neutrals Collection Paper Stacks
  • # 122713    Lucky Limeade (SAB item! this is an assorted pack) cardstock using the Label Framelits
  • # 115318    Soft Suede cardstock using the Label Framelits
  • # 125117    Fresh Vintage Stamp Set  (SAB item!)
  • # 122935    Lucky Limeade Classic Ink
  • # 115657    Soft Suede Classic Ink
  •  Sponges
  • # 123002    2011-2013 Stampin Write Markers (I used Pool Party, Calypso Coral and Lucky Limeade from this set)
  • # 123002    2010-2012 Stampin Write Markers (I used Poppy Parade from this set)
  • # 101610    Stampin Sponges
  • # 119105    Clear-Mount Stamp Cases
  • # 125598    Label Collection Framelits
  • # 113439    Bog Shot Die-Cutting Machine
  • # 104294   Sticky Strip (In my part of the USA, we call it Red Line tape)

  • Very Vanilla Cardstock  - cut one (1) piece at 7" x 10 5/8". This is the base material for your insert.
  • Very Vanilla Cardstock  - cut one (1) piece for the size Label Framelits you decide to use.
  • Everyday Enchantment DSP - decide on the pattern you want to use. I found that one print lended itself to using Soft Suede accents, and the other print focused more on Lucky Limeade as the accent color. Cut the Everyday Enchantment DSP paper of your choice at 6" x 10 3/8". I chose to cut at 6 inches for the width so I could get 2 inserts from one page of DSP. Since the striped paper would cover the rest of the Very Vanilla cardstock, I did not worry about having a gap.
  • Striped DSP from either the Neutrals DSP Paper Stack (Soft Suede) or the 2011-2013 DSP Paper Stack (Lucky Limeade) cut at 1 1/2" x 10 3/8".  <Just a note -> I find it easier to put the 12 x 12 paper on my cutter and simply move the left edge of the paper to the 10 3/8" mark -- that way I cut 1 1/2" without trying to balance all the paper on my right side of the cutter>.
  • You will adhere the Everyday Enchantment DSP paper to your Very Vanilla base, leaving a 1/4" space around the top and sides. There will be 1" of space on the bottom to be covered by the striped paper.
  • Then adhere the striped paper from whatever accent color you chose (Soft Suede or Lucky Limeade) to the Very Vanilla base. Match the sides of this paper to the sides of your Everyday Enchantment Paper. This stripe will leave a 1/4" space around the bottom and sides of the Very Vanilla base. The stripe will cover 1/4" of your Everyday Enchantment Paper.
  • Now cut out the Label Framelits using the Big Shot Die Cut Machine. You will need a smaller Label Framelit from Very Vanilla cardstock and the next size Label Framelits from whichever accent color you chose (Soft Suede or Lucky Limeade).
  • Mount the design stamp from the Fresh Vintage stamp set onto a clear block. Color in the image using Pool Party, Calypso Coral, Lucky Limeade and Poppy Parade markers.
  • Huff on the image and stamp onto your Very Vanilla Label Framelit. Don't know what it means to huff? It simply means to breathe over your stamp, exhaling across it. The moisture from your breath will keep the ink wet.
  • Sponge the Very Vanilla Framelit and the Accent Mat Framelit with a sponge and the color Classic Ink you chose as the accent.
  • Adhere the labels together. Then adhere them to the right side of your cover insert.
  • Slide it in carefully between the cover film and the actual clear stamp case (look at your other stamp case inserts -- works the same way). One word of warning -- DO NOT make the length longer than 10 5/8" on your base cardstock. Otherwise you will rip the film off. I am speaking from experience! I tore two off my cases. Ugh....
  • Now onto the inside of the case. Attach a calendar to the left interior.
  • Take a strip of the Everyday Enchantment DSP paper and cut it to fit the top of your notepad. I wrapped my paper around the top of the notebook.
  • Finally, the last step. Add a strip of red line tape to the back of the notepad. Peel off that red waxy film and adhere your pad to the right interior of your case.
  • DONE!

Optional Ideas:
  • Ribbon along the overlap area of paper.
  • Create a pocket to place below the calendar for notes.
  • Use MDS to design a mat instead of the Label Framelits.

Today was a wierd day. It rarely snows around here. And we had a weather forecast for 100% snow. Too bad it started as I was heading to work. I seriously thought I would have a snow day today. Shucks. We got snow, then freezing drizzle and then rain as the temps climbed. Right now, if it freezes tonight, we will get have a sheet of ice. Depends on how low the temps go tonight, whether I have school tomorrow or not.
Remember this part of the South does not have snow ploughs. They salt the roads but that is about it. Tomorrow afternoon the winter weather will be a thing of the past, since our highs tomorrow will be in the mid-50's.

I was so ready for a snow day too! Yes, even teachers need one occasionally. I had laid out my work clothes and stuff to carry to school today. But I also laid out some comfy clothes and some scrapbooking to do if I got to stay home. Will do the same tomorrow. Best to be prepared both ways. Thought I would get to write on my blog this morning, instead I was teaching. So at the end of my work day, I came home to post this tutorial.

Enjoy it. If you happen to make it, please leave me a comment about the directions. Want to make sure that they are clear and concise (and I did not skip a step).

Have a great night!


  1. I just love this! I was wishing I'd had one on Saturday for the Phoenix Regional. Your creations are so very pretty!

  2. Thank you so much Donna. Please feel free to use these directions for your classes. I love to share!

  3. Arlene, Thank you. I just may take you up on your offer. I sure enjoy your blog - so much to see!

  4. Hi Arlene, what a lovely project. I'm saddened by the fact that you're not just down the road so that I can join in in one of your classes! Thank you for sharing the directions though so we who are not close by can still participate! I also wanted to let you know that I have an award for you over on my blog.

  5. This is such a pretty project! I would also love to stroll into one of your classes. :)