Monday, January 30, 2012

Roommate gifts at Leadership

The top photo is a silk scarf that my roommate, Deb Mueller, hand stamped with the
Awash with Flowers stamp set. Isn't it beautiful? I wore it last week to school with a pink sweater and gray slacks. Got soooo many lovely comments on it. She delivered her gift inside a SU stamp case that she had decorated and added a pen/notebook inside of it.

The bottom photo is a pin cushion made with Deck the Halls fabric that my roommate, Sandy McFarlane created. Love that Victorian look and the hat shape itself.

Leadership was an awesome experience. I highly recommend if you have the opportunity to go to the Leadership Conference in 2013, that you go! I admit this time I went, not because I had the opportunity, but because of a carrot that was dangled in front of me.... Anyone with a Manager or higher title got to attend the Manager's Reception and then see the Chinese Acrobats of Heibi perform. I ran across another Arkansas demo at Leadership, Elaine Accord of Jacksonville. Elaine and I sat together for this reception and then the performance.

We were served drinks made of ginger ale and grenadine and then waiters/waitresses wandered around with trays of food with a Chinese theme. I saw noodles, wontons, egg rolls, marinaded beef on a stick and marinaded chicken on a stick. I loved the chicken and its flavor!

The Chinese Arcobats were awesome. I held my breath many times during the performance when one gentleman was building a structure and performing off of it... it was stacks of chairs going from the stage floor to the bottom of the stage valance curtain. He certainly had my heart pounding! These young acrobats were certainly talented!


  1. Glad you got to go to Leadership - thank you for sharing your experience with those of us who didn't get to attend!!

  2. They're both really beautyful!!! like them a lot!