Sunday, January 29, 2012

Welcome to 2012!

SHOCKED ? AMAZED ? Yes, I still have a blog. So lets play catch-up!

Okay, I realize I have been away from my blog for over 1 year. It was so hard to come back and post things. I kept reading about my final trip to see Zio Corrado and it made me sad. Now, I can look back on it, and am comfortable with it. I am so happy I did have the opportunity to see him again.

Healthwise, you know I relapsed last January 2011 and had to have more surgery and then chemo every week until mid-July. I went to every other week chemo in August.I was allowed to return to work in August, although my doctor would have preferred me wait a few more weeks/months. This Friday, I have my 3 month scans and chemo again. I don't expect any bad news. Frankly, I am waiting for the May scans. If those are good, chances are I will move to having chemo once a month instead of weekly. That would give me more stamina, energy and normality.

Personally, I have been working hard on my Stampin Up Business, as well as my personal cardmaking and scrapbooking. I went to the Leadership and Regional Conferences and had a wonderful time scooting around in an electronic chair. The convention center was tooo big for me to walk, especially with low blood counts.

This spring I have 2 stamp clubs, will be doing monthly card classes, and starting a beginner and an intermediate scrapbooking class. Am so excited about doing more classes with my friends and customers. I so love my crafts!

The photo aboveis a "cased" (means I used someone else's design and modified it) card that I will be teaching at my BRING A FRIEND Card Class on February 11th. I offered my friends and customers the opportunity to bring a friend to class and it cost $20 for both of them together, instead of $20 per person. Then I also opened the class to a morning and afternoon session. Out of 24 seats, I already have 18 seats filled and there is still a week to go before the signups close! Woohoo! So I cased a card at the Leadership Make and Take and put my spin on the card. The original was done in greens, and I did mine in blues instead. Take a look at both cards. Not sure why blogger makes all the photos go to the top of the post, but that is okay.

I will be back in a few days to show you some cards I swapped at Leadership and some cards I received in the swaps.



  1. Hey, glad to read your blog....keep it up my really should tell about the scooter escapades! Miss you and hope your doing well....


  2. Arlene I'm glad to see you are blogging! I like your re-do better than the original - hope your classes go well!!

  3. My dear Cugina I'm very glad to see you back posting on your blog!!! love your cards and I would like to be in your class on Feb 11th.....
    So sorry that I live too far. Will pray so much that on July you could fly back to Italy so we could spend lot of time together!! Miss you a lot!! Lucy
    P. S. have you seen my blog!! he's again alive too and he does speaks Italian and English....

  4. Welcome back Arlene. It's great to see you blogging again.

  5. Hi Arlene, thanks for your kind message on my blog you're so sweet hope to see you this summer, and we will spend fun time together. Hugs