Thursday, December 17, 2009

This is a scrapbook layout of my Zio Diablo Qua Qua Corrado. That simply means my Uncle Devil Duck Corrado. It is a pet name for him.
This was taken my last night in Marina di Pisa, Italy in his living room.

He had promised me for years that we would dance together if I ever visited. Now this is from a man with bad knees and his niece who has even worse knees! I come complete with 4 left feet.
We had such a wonderful time together. The last time we had seen each other, he was holding me in his arms. I was only 8 months old. He was 18. Fast forward to July 2008.... I am now 50 and he is 68.
Zio Corrado speaks as much English as I do Italian... okay that means very, very little. LOL. We lived together for 3 weeks and got along fabulously. We spoke with sign language, visual cues, in English and Italian, we drew pictures, etc. BUT WE COMMUNICATED! Turns out I understand about 80% of what I hear in Italian, I just cannot form the sentences from English to Italian fast enough to speak Italian. I get the point ! This is a layout I did of the two of us simply called THE DANCE.

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  1. I've always liked this layout Arlene. So glad you've got yourself a blog and what a great way to journal your Italian trip. I'm just sorry for the reason you're needing to go.