Friday, December 18, 2009

Ilaria, the youngest of the cousins

Meet my BEAUTIFUL cousin (cugina) Ilaria. She is a stunning beauty with a sassy personality. She has so many interests that I share with her. Among them a fascination with Stonehenge, and a love of Marion Zimmer Bradley books.
Ilaria is the youngest of our cousins. I think she will be 30 in January. The oldest of course, is my big brother Bruno, who turns 57 in March.There are 21 of us in this cousin grouping with a 27 year age range between the youngest and the oldest.
Ilaria has 2 siblings. She has an older brother named Fabio. He is married to Analia and has a son and a daughter. She also has an older sister, our LUCIA, whom many of you know. Lucia is married to Stefano (who is crazy over the old tv show Dallas and eating chicken in any form).
Ilaria married Gas (it is pronounced Gus in English) who is from Albania. In fact the wedding took place there. They have a son named Nickolas.
Often I am asked how we are related as cousins. It is simple. My mother, Franca was the oldest of 8 children born to Elsa and Guiseppi Redini. Ilaria's mother was the baby of the family, Zia Antonietta, who sadly has also passed away. Between my mom, Franca and Antonietta there were 3 more sisters: Adriana who lives on the island of Elba at Capoliveri; Luciana, who sadly passed away from lung cancer; Alicia who lives somewhere near Lake Como and removed herself from the family. Then there are the 3 Redini boys: My Zio Diablo Qua Qua Corrado, who lives in Marina di Pisa; Zio Mario who lives with his daughter Sylvia in the northern part of Pisa; and Zio Luciano who lives about 5 blocks from the Pisa airport!
I hope to introduce you to some of the main characters of my adventures before I leave town, so you get a feel for them in my later posts.

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