Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last post from Italy.... Wed night.

This is a photo of Ilaria, Nico and Gas (pronounced Gus) at Zio Claudio's home on Christmas Day. When I get home I will load my photos since I have been using Lucia's.
It has been a very long day and Zio Corrado did not have a good day. He woke tired and it effected his balance and walking alot today. We did all go (Zio Corrado, Gus, Ilaria, Nico, Lucia, Stefano and myself) to McDonald's outside the wall at the Miracle Square. So odd to see this wall from the Reinassance and then McDonald's. Sort of glad I went. It was totally different. You could order a small hamburger or cheeseburger, Big Mac, a Deluxe CB, a Bacon Cheeseburger or Chicken Nuggets. The children's meal came with a hamburger, drink, carrots not fries, and a drink and a toy. The toy was Snoopy in a long car. What surprised me that is you can order either water, a soft drink, coffee or a beer in the McDonald's. There was a separate counter for the coffee which is served in cermanic cups not plastic or foam. You could also have cappecino. But what totally amazed me was the dessert case. Most good restaurants at home do NOT offer the quality or quanity of choices in the deserts. There must of been 15 types of desserts including cakes, cheesecakes, pies and cookies. Too bad I was full or I would of tested some out. LOL...
Afterwards Gus and Ilaria took Zio back to Marina di Pisa. I foolishly went shopping outside of Miracle Square and also inside Miracle Square and also at the shop Lucia works at. There we stopped to shop, visit and have a drink (I had water okay? Was exhausted from all the walking. We took many photos of the Leaning Tower from this new direction. I had taken them all from another direction the last visit. I took one with Lucia, then one with Stefano and then I had them go together for another photo.
Then we walked forever .... Lucia went to get the car, so I only walked about half the distance she did, but I can tell you it was over 10 blocks. That is why I am so tired. Just no dang stamina anymore.
I came home to find Signora Giovannia waiting to tell me goodbye. It was difficult. I like her so much. I even began to shed a few tears. Imagine tomorrow morning when I have to kiss and hug Zio goodbye. Oh Mama Mia! I have 2 packages of kleenex in my purse already for this.
Okay I leave you now, and then next post will be from Arkansas. The church bell is ringing 8:30. I must sign off....


  1. I'm so sorry that you're going back, I wished we had more time to do things together! Hope I could see you soon here or in Usa!! take care of you my dear!!

  2. Have a Good journey!!!
    Genny & Maurizio

  3. Hello Arlene, hope you have had a good journey, thanks again for coming to me with Lucia, It's always nice to have fun with you and your cousine. Happy new year!!!!

  4. I am so glad that you were able to go and spend such a special time with your Italian family. Thanks for sharing your journey with us :)