Saturday, December 19, 2009

Zia Adry of Capoliveri

Meet my Zia Adriana (Adry). This is one of my mom's two living sisters. She lives on the Elba Island off the coast of Italy. I keep seeing parts of my mom as I talked to her. By the time I met Zia Adry, Mom had been gone for 2 years. While they are not identical, there were several similar things. Both their smiles and turn of the head was alike. Their eyes were alike. But not their other facial features. It was like Mom was peeking out at me from Zia Adry's face.

Zia Adriana has 3 children: Paolo, Gabriella (Gabby) and Maurizio (Dr. Monster). They all live north of Tuscany near Modena and Bologna.

Zia Adriana lives in the town of Capoliveri on the Elba Island. You will remember Elba as where Napolean Bonaparte was prisoned. It is a beautiful tourist island about an hour off the Italian
coast out in the Mediterraenean Sea. Another aunt, Zio Luciana, also used to live on Elba at Portoferraio. Sadly, Zio Luciana died of lung cancer a few years before my visit.

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