Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mercoledi (Wednesday) December 30

This is my cousin Fabio with his baby girl, Malia, who is the youngest in our family. It was taken at Zio Claudio's home (Fabio's father) on Christmas Day. She is a happy little baby. I never heard her cry the entire afternoon. Fabio is the brother to Lucia and Ilaria.

I noticed that I did not post on Tuesday. Sorry but it was a busy day with much traveling. But before I discuss Tuesday, let me go back to Monday afternoon.

Signora Giovannia, Zio's next door neighbor, invited us to a small afternoon snack. I am not sure what it is called here, but we might call it an afternoon tea in the US. I must digress and tell you a story here, then continue with the doings of that afternoon.

When I was last here in Marina di Pisa, in the summer of 2008, someone came by with a bowl with a pate or a dip in it for Zio. Now remember I had already been to the grocery store where he bought horse steaks (yes horse) and I should of known to take my time in the translating. Anyway when I asked what this pate or dip was, Zio Corrado told me it was fige (pronounced figgy). Okay what would you expect? I expected it was some sort of item made with figs... WRONG!!! And much to my dismay I did not figure out that I was WRONG until after I ate some of it. YUCK! PHEWY! Fige is not made of figs. It is a liver pate.. gross....

Okay now back to our story. Signora Giovanna served us fige and tuna sandwhiches, chips, crackers and a bowl each of a shrimp salad. Then for desert there was a special Italian Christmas cake called Pandone (Pan-doe-ne). It is delicious. It is a yellow sponge type cake with raisins. She also served some type of wine liquer that was very strong. Believe me it took me a good 45 minutes to drink the small full glass she gave me. I normally only take a fourth to half of a small glass of wine. We are speaking about 2 to 4 ounces. Here she gave me more like 6 ounces. Yikes. I was full upon returning to Zio's two hours later. Then he wants to know what would I like for supper. OMG... who needed supper? I convinced him I would eat a slice of salami and a piece of cheese. Whew! I could not have another full meal.

Yesterday Ilaria and Gus took me to a parking lot near Miracle Square to meet Lucia. The area where the Leaning Tower, the Baptisry, the Catherdral and the Camposanto (cemetary) is called Miracle Square. I transferred from their car to Lucia's. Then we went to Prato a good hour and a half away. We had to first take a small highway over the mountain to Lucca because the Interstate as you would call it, because the North Pisa Interstate section is closed to to flooding of a local river. Then at Lucca we got onto the Interstate. Prato lies beside Florence, so it is a good distance away.

Lucia was taking me to her favorite scrapbooking store run by Patty. It is a small store in comparasion to those in the States, but for here it is large. I would bet I have more in my own scrapbooking room at home. LOL. But she carries many things I am familiar with like Metric ScorPal, sizzix dies, Big Shot, ribbons, scrapbook paper, ink pads and stamps. I got several Italian wooden rubber stamps, then went for some clear stamps for Jenny. Sorry sis, the clear stamps are all from France.

Afterwards we returned to Pisa and went to Carrefour. It is a grocery store and shopping center similar to Walmart on a smaller scale. I scoured the aisles looking for things and found 3 zip up sweatshirts for Austin, Cody and Bruno. Today I will hunt for a shirt for Wayne and a Pisa souvenior plate for Laura in Miracle Square.

Zio wants to eat at McDonald's for an American hamburger so we will go there to eat. I cannot deny him anything he likes.

Okay speaking of Zio, he is calling me to the kitchen. It is time to prepare his morning shot. He cannot do this alone.

You take care and I will try to post again this evening. Remember I leave here early early tomorrow morning to arrive back in the States at 3 pm EST time in Cincinatti.


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