Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sunday, December 27

This photo was taken by Lucia after the one of the courses at dinner. Notice the tree in the corner with the Nativity scene underneath it. That is my cousin Ilaria holding her son Nico, who has a head of blonde curls. I am sitting beside Zio Corrado.
Today is Sunday and I awoke within the last half hour. Already I have helped Zio prepare his shot. This is a difficult task for both of us. The medicine is in a glass vial and you must break off the top, then load the small syringe. I have difficulty with those type of very fine motor skills, and for Zio it is even harder since he shakes so much in the morning. It takes a little time then I get it accomplished. I am not sure how he will do this alone. Then he has a slew of pills to take. I took my antibodics and came to the computer to write just a short blog this morning. I can tell you that between the two of us, the kitchen table looks like a pharmacy.
Lucia was here last night and prepared a fish dinner with potatoes, peppers, zucchini and tomatoes that I love. It was wonderful. She had a very long day yesterday. Her husband's family had their Christmas dinner together then. Her mother in law, Signora Carla, is also undergoing chemotherapy. She had a reoccurance of ovarian cancer this fall. She is recieving chemo every 3 weeks and is weak. So Lucia and her sister in law had to do much of the tasks. Then my sweet cousin drove 30 minutes here to prepare a dinner for us. Bless her sweet soul!
Today Gas, the husband of Ilaria, is coming to do some type of plumbing work for Zio. I did not understand it all. But I did understand that after this work is done, then I can wash a load of clothes. Remember here there are washers but you hang up the clothes to dry. Dryers are very rare. Here you see the front loading washers in the kitchens of most homes instead of a dishwasher. Only at Zio Claudio's have I seen a dishwasher.
Okay this is enough information for this morning. Later I will post again with another photograph and more information. For now, I think I will go eat my breakfast and prepare for the day.

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