Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lucia, Stefano and Bruno

This is a slightly older photo taken at Bruno's home in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Lucia and Stefano were in the USA for their honeymoon. They spent 3 days in Arkansas with us. As you see we already had them wearing the RAZORBACK clothing! LOL.
It was really funny that night too. Stefano finally realized that Lucia's mom and my mom were sisters. I don't know who he thought he was visiting. But there was a look of shock on his face when we were discussing Zio Corrado and he wanted to know how each of were related to him. Lucia and I simply looked at him and then explained that our mothers were his sisters.
Bruno had prepared a major fest for us: Steaks and Shrimp! It was really good too. Lucia wanted to go see his 18 wheeler truck. So Bruno took her and then took photos of her pretending to drive it!
Earlier that day I had driven Lucia and Stefano to Memphis, Tennessee. They wanted to see Graceland and the Mississippi River. We had a really rainy spring and the Mississippi River was well over its banks and up to the levees in most places. Our Nonna Elsa (Grandmother) always had her photo taken at the gates of Graceland on all her trips to the USA. So naturally, this is one site that had to be seen personally. We rode the mini bus to Graceland (a long ride --- across the street!) and toured the manision and grounds.

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