Saturday, January 2, 2010

Two Very Happy Furrballs

While the photo is an old one (taken when I lived in Mississippi) the furrballs are the same ones. Walking above the computer on the shelf is Socks. Laying on an old computer monitor is Julie. Both are so glad I am home. Socks is being very vocal in his opinion.... lol... he keeps coming to me and MEOWING and MEOWING.... Julie just comes to me or sticks close by me.

At present, Julie is laying down on top of my small 13 inch television, here in the scrapbook room. She can follow me whether I work on the computer or make some cards or a scrapbook layout. Socks, is underneath the computer table resting his head on my feet. LOL

I went to take a short nap yesterday after I got home and it turned out to be a long long sleep instead. Socks was laying beside me on the left side and Julie was under the covers beside me on the right side. Both were very pleased to get their pet human back. You do realize I am owned by 2 cats right?

This morning (it is about 4:45 a.m.) I have been up nearly 3 hours. I have worked on catagorizing my new stamps, and labeling the boxes. I have surfed on the net and ready both emails, the Crop Room and facebook, as well as many Stampin Up Blogs. I did some shopping online for Ilaria and Zio Corrado. I have wandered thru ebay, and the demo site of Stampin Up. Next up, I plan on doing some stamping. I have a few cards in mind for my uncle that I want to get sent in Monday's mail.

Funny thing, is I am ready to take another nap! LOL Got to get back in the right time zone soon. At least I still have today and tomorrow to readjust.

Take care,

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