Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Morning, January 10, 2010

Good morning! Yesterday I worked in my scrapbook room with my friend Lisa. I was helping her to figure out the dimensions on a layout she loved and wanted to copy. So I used this time to create the above layouts that Lisa loved but in bolder, richer colors that I love. Hers in pastels.
The layout is titled, Uncle of my Heart, and have photos of dear Zio Corrado. These photos are all from my trip in July 2008. The first long photo is when we were touring the buildings of Miracle Plaza. I have him sitting outside of the Catherdral for a few minutes. The 3 small photos are fun too. They show his personality! The day he wore that blue shirt, he was walking with Gus and myself in Livornio and I cropped us out of the photo to focus on Zio. Then the 2 other photos are in his home as we played Scopa. One of them he was telling me that he earned 2 points and Arlene earned 0 (zero). The final photo is of him sticking his tongue out at me when we were playing Scopa. LOL.... On the 2nd page, this photo is taken on the same day as our trip to Miracle Plaza. It was taken in the restuarant garden of Il Turista, where my cousin Lucia works. Her bosses invited us to have lunch there as a gift. It was a beautiful outdoor garden and we were sitting under an olive tree sipping wine, eating and enjoying the meal with Lucia and her colleague Sarah. Lucia is a translator for the company. She deals with the tour groups and reservations for many countries.
In my photo you see a small piece of my scrapbook room. On the table is my Cricut Expressions machine. I used it to cut the brackets, the florishes and the lettering on this layout. Everything else I used from the stamps to the paper to the punches was from Stampin Up. In the background of the room you see one of my 4 bookcases of RETIRED Stampin Up stamps. I have another bookcase of the current stamps (which is overflowing!).
It is my dream this spring that I find a house and get approved for a mortage. I have a hefty hefty downpayment ready. I need to find a 3 bd and 2 bath because I will be having company alot. But I want a room with a large den that I can turn into my scrapbook room. I would love to have my Stamp or Scrapbook classes in my house, instead of dragging everything across town. Maybe by Spring Break I will be on the way for moving into my own house. Just got to get across town to visit Jerry to start the ball rolling.
This morning Bruno and Cody are coming for a short visit. I brought them back a huge garbage bag full of gifts from Italy and their uncle and cousins. The gifts are truly is sitting in a white garbage bag in the living room. I had to have space for them and had no available boxes to pack it all in.
I am going in a few minutes to start the base of a stew. Got to go chop the trinity items -- celery, carrots and onions and get them ready. A little Knorr beef bouillon, some water and the beef itself, to form the base. It will take several hours to do it all. But my house will smell good and by lunch time I will have a hearty and hot meal. After that a quick shower before they get here (bet by 7 cause Bruno likes to start his day early!)
After Bruno leaves, I am goingback to my scrapbook room. I have some papers to put away from yesterday. Seems anytime I am creative that I create a whirlwind of chaos around me. LOL Then got to get moving on the cards for Zio, which must be mailed by tomorrow. Then work on my class samples for my upcoming Stamp Class on the 23rd.
In between all this I have to wash at least one more load of laundry to be set for the week. Be glad to get that dreaded chore off my to do list. LOL I hate doing laundry. Well, no, let me refresh that. I hate folding and hanging and putting away the laundry. I have no problem with loading the washer or the dryer. It is that last step... ugh...
Okay time for me to go start my day! It is 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning here. Plan on being back in my scraproom in an hour to play until Bruno arrives, and then back again an hour later. Got to try to get a photo of him today with Cody.
Take care!

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