Sunday, January 3, 2010

A cold Sunday morning..... Jan. 3, 2010

My crazy cousin Paolo is sitting on my lap. Then there is Zio Corrado, who hates a camera (unless he is taking the photo) and Paolo's mother, Zia Adriana. Paolo and I are very good friends and chat often in IM. In this photo you get a tiny view of Zio's kitchen. Behind Zio is his stove and to the right of that is his sink. It is very low to me. Behind me is the hallway to the bathroom and the 2 bedrooms.

I slept alot again on Saturday. From about 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. I am slowly returning to Central Standard time. Yesterday I went to Jenny's house for lunch, then Laura and Wayne arrived for a visit. I stayed a little bit, but came home after a short visit.

I had intended to do some stamping and make some cards for Zio. Instead I curled up on the bed and napped. Ugh..... Today is going to be a cold cold day. The high for the day will be 36 degrees (if it gets that high) and the current temperature is 27 (which is -3 C). It has come up from 24 degrees. We have a 30% chance of snow this morning and again on Wednesday. Apparently winter has come to stay. I can even tell a difference this morning in my house. I am sitting here barefooted with sweatpants and a short sleeve t-shirt. As soon as I finish my blog, I am heading for socks and a long sleeve shirt to go over my t-shirt. I feel the coolness ..... the wind must be blowing too..... brrr....

I have been indexing stamps this morning. It simply means I have been stamping an image of my stamps onto an index card and then placing them in the stamp box. Trying to do this with all my stamps. This way, I can tell if all the stamps for a certain set are in its box or if I have a loose stamp it is easier to find where it belongs.

Then I worked on my Stampin Up clubs for January thru May. They are a 5 month committment. I have 2 stamp clubs for this period and 1 marker club. Just trying to get organized for this time period.

School starts back tomorrow morning. Today I must wash clothes and get prepared for a week of work. I will work Monday thru Friday this week and then only Monday and Tuesday next week. I have chemo scheduled on Wed., Jan 13. So I am off work on that day and the following 2 days -- that is when I get the worst nausea. Ugh.... this time I have had mild nausea off and on for 2 weeks. I think it is because of all the travel and the nerves/emotional situations. So Zofran has been my friend. LOL.... a short nap and a nausea pill makes a world of difference.

Time for me to go eat something. Last time I ate was over 12 hrs ago, so I am a little hungry. LOL.... suddenly cinnamon toast sounds good with a cup of hot chocolate. Wonder if I bought regular bread or only the philly subs.... Toodles for now!

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