Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9, 2010 Everyone needs hair

Oh Zio was in a good mood on this morning -- it was Wednesday of my first week, so that means it was Wednesday, December 23rd. Zio Mario, his daughter Sylvia and her daughter, Ylenia had come to see me at Zio Corrado's home.
We were all talking and Ylenia was interested in my turban. I took her to see my wigs (I had taken three with me). Anyway she ended up wearing one, and her mom wore one back into the living room. Then Zio demanded his turn, so I popped this curly one off my head and he put it on. What a character! Reminds me of photos of him in his younger years, but as I remember it, his hair was not this loose wavy stuff.... I think it was a tighter wave or curl.. lol I will have to hunt down an old photo of him.
As you can see it was still very cold. He is wearing thermal shirt, flannel shirt and a jacket in the house. This is how we dressed my first 3 days, then later we got to loose that 3rd layer, and occasionally the 2nd layer too!

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