Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I bet you wonder what these photos are? LOL Well, Jenny requested a scrapbook layout that was interesting and unusual about Zio Corrado. He, of course, was to come and spend Christmas with us this year. And as you know, that did not happen and I ended up going to him for Christmas.

Jenny is a special education teacher, who teaches only Math and Science classes at Bryant High School. She requested that the layout have 2 parts. Part 1 it was to be of Zio Corrado, and Part 2 it needed to have a Venn Diagram on it. Hmmm... okay.... that is going to be different to accomplish.

A Venn Diagram for those who have been out of school a long while, is simply 2 circles that overlap. The outer parts of the circle shows differences between 2 things. The inner overlapping area is the where the things they have in common are placed.

Okay I started with Stampin Up Brilliant Blue 12 x 12 paper as my background paper. Jenny calls this Bryant Blue because it is her school color. Then I took my Creative Memories circles and cut out circles in various sizes and colors (Pixie Pink, Only Orange, YoYo Yellow, Elegant Eggplant, and Green Galore). Then I inked the edges and some of the insides with a sponge and the same color ink as the paper. I wanted to give the layout some visual interest (what do you do with a Venn Diagram I ask?)....

Then I used my Creative Memories circle again to cut 4 circles out of black cardstock to create the 2 Venn Diagrams. I cut the inner circles first, and then the outer to get them all the same size.

On the completed left layout, I placed Jenny on the left side of the page with her differences in the outer circle. Then I placed Zio Corrado on the right side of the page with his differences in the outer circle. In the overlapping area between the two I listed things they had in common.

Well I liked this so well, that I followed the same plan for the right layout (sorry, I did not capture a photo of it completed!) and this time placed photos on the outer circles of Jenny and Zio Corrado. In the overlapping are between the two I listed the MAJOR thing they had in common -- FAMILY. Then I placed this Venn Diagram on a completed background like the left side of the page. Oh and I fixed Jenny's picture so she was not laying sideways or leaning sideways... lol The title of the page was cut out of Real Red Cardstock with a black shadow letter. I think I put FAMILY CONNECTIONS as the title. I will have to ask Jenny, since this was about 3 months ago. She wanted to have it hanging up in her hallway when Zio arrived.

Both Jenny and I have 12x12 frames hanging in our hallways. In these frames, we put up some of our scrapbooking layouts. I have 3 sets of the frames which means 3 two page layouts. In one set, is a vintage layout I did of my mom. In another set, there is a layout of me in the 1970's to the 1990's with my high school best friend, Angela Trotter (who I saw at Thanksgiving!). And finally in my final set of frames is a 2 page layout of Christmas ornaments I made over the years.

Sorry I did not post on Thursday (was way tooo busy) and then that night I got sick. I even stayed home from work yesterday. Feeling better this morning. Must of been something I ate or a virus. I am betting on the food side. There are certain things that make me ill these days. So far I know one must be a cream sauce..... everytime I get something with a cream sauce I get sick. Not sure what the other kicker is.... But you know when you have 2 intensine surgeries and then they remove 10 inches of intensines, things are never the same again. Even my belly is not the same. I call it the ALIEN BABY.... and told Dr. Gilbert (my surgeon) that. He laughs at me. But heck it is lopsided. One side is a good inch higher than the other, plus it pushed more to the left. Dr. Gilbert tells me that when you have this type of surgery he can repack the intestines, but cannot do the great job that God does to begin with.... so I am stuck with the ALIEN BABY belly.... Too bad too... without it I would wear 2 sizes smaller in slacks I think....

Today my friend, Lisa Houston, is coming over to work on a scrapbook layout. In fact she will be here around 8:30 this morning. Yes, I got up early again, but at least on my own timezone -- this is normal. Here it is 5:30 in the morning and I have been up about 30 minutes. Funny how I age, how early I rise.... I am awake between 4 and 5 each morning without the alarm. I rarely use an alarm. In fact, when I am on heavy meds I have Jenny call me in the mornings to wake me. It is our habit to meet in IM (Instant Messanger) each morning before work between 5 and 5:30. If we do not hear from the other by 5:45 a.m. then a phone call is made. Neither of us want to oversleep and be late for work. That just ruins the day.

Okay time for me to go do a little housework like make the bed and finally put all my luggage away in the closet. I think it sitting here for a week is enough. Then got to drag 2 boxes of Stampin Up items down the hall to my scrapbook room. Finally need to get another load of laundry going. Only have my work slacks and towels left ! WOOHOOO!!!! When the sun rises, then I will take out some trash bags I packed up last night from the kitchen and scrapbook room.

You have a safe and warm day wherever you are.


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