Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Okay I am thinking about making cards again. These 4 cards were my card class I taught in November. I had to skip December - just too much happening that month. Am trying to get my ducks in a row to have a class in January. I will have the date, time and cost completed by tomorrow (especially since I figure we will be out of school due to the weather).

Weather all over the US is cold. For Arkansas, it is bitterly cold. We rarely get this kind of weather. In fact, I think someone moved the state of Arkansas close to Canada for the last few days.... I want it to come back to the south. LOL.

Tonight we expect snow and single digit temps. I plan on staying nice and warm in my house. Got my sweatpants all washed and in the dryer now to get ready for the next few cold days. Brrrr.......

Think it will be a great time to pull out my crock pot and make some soup. Then I can settle in the scrapbook room and make cards for my January class. Plus I have to make Tawanna's desk calendar (See I did remember). I have some cute ideas in mind with four of the new sets in the Stampin Up Occasions Mini. I do love teaching classes. It is fun to show the girls how to create a new look.

I am a lucky girl. I have 2 Stamp Clubs that run from January to May completely full (that's 10 ladies) plus I have a Marker Club of 4 ladies that runs from January to April. Then to top it off, I already have one downline, Angie, and about to get another one, Tanya. Then I will also have to have downline meetings for them perhaps once a month to 6 weeks. Poor Angie, has been floating alot on her own this year. Due to my poor health and all that chemo I was not alot of help to her. Hope that will change for the better now.

Speaking of Chemo. I have my January treatment next Wednesday at Dr. Baltz's in Little Rock. He is going to love me. I brought him home a book on Ferrari from Italy (yes it is in English). It is his favorite car.

I am currently in remission from my 3rd bout with endometerial cancer. I have been in remission since August. I have a very aggressive oncologist, which I love. After 14 weeks of chemo (yes every week) from March to the end of July, I was placed on monthly chemo treatments and allowed to return to work. I had missed from December 17, 2008 to August 10, 2009. I was biting at the bit to return to work. Now I have scans every 3 months (August, Nov, Feb, May) to check on the remission status. In addition, for extra insurance, I am having a 4 1/2 hr. chemo treatment monthly until May. After May, if all is well, then I come off chemo.

Considering that at New Years 2008, the doctors were discussing sending me to hospice, it has been a miracle. I owe many thanks to Dr. Gilbert, who did my 2 surgeries, Dr. Baltz (my new oncologist - not the one who almost killed me) for being an aggressive fighter, and to Jenny, my loving sister, who was my nurse and advocate when I could not manage it. Bless her soul. I frightened her alot with my 18 hrs a day of sleeping and then that month that I could only tolerate 3 glasses of milk a day for food. It has been a long journey.

Frankly, Dr. Baltz told me (maybe a month ago or so) that when he met me in January, he thought I was a train wreck and there was no hope. He tells me that I was so insistant that we fight and make a game plan that he decided to do that. So miracles and spunk and a desire to bother you all a few more years does make a difference. LOL

Tomorrow I should have photos of snow to share with you. Stay warm my friends. I must go prepare for work. The kids will be waiting for me!


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  1. Thank Goodness Our Girl here is a fighter! So Bless your Doctors from us fans.